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More Information

Eligibility to work in the UK

UK Legislation requires all candidates to provide appropriate evidence.

Health and Safety for Day & Night Workers

In compliance with the working time regulations the purpose of this declaration is to assess your fitness to carry out work whilst in assignment for Reactive Recruitment Services Ltd.

In case of an emergency

Please provide someone we can contact below

Criminal Record and Security Checks

Are you currently under investigation and / or do you have an previous convictions including any cautions, reprimands, final warnings, bind-overs or any convictions from overseas that are not "protected" under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 [exceptions] order 1975, as amended in 2013

Holiday Accrued Payment

Whilst working for Reactive Driving Recruitment, a temporary workers holiday entitlement at the standard 5.6 weeks per year [1st October - 30th September] will be paid as it is accrued. This will result in all temporary workers for Reactive being paid minimum of £10.65 per hour. This is made up of the national living wage plus 5.6 weeks holiday at 12.07%.

Manual Handling Guidance (Workplace Regulations 1992)

he Workplace Regulations 1992 define manual handling as any operation where a load is moved by bodily force: this includes picking up, putting down, carrying, supporting and pushing.

Every employee has a responsibility under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to take reasonable care for their own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by their activities, and also to co-operate with their duties.


Plan the lift. Where is the load to be placed? Use appropriate handling aids if possible. Do you need help with the load? Remove obstructions such as discarded wrapping material. For a long lift, such as floor to shoulder height, consider resting the load mid-way on a table or bench in order to change grip.


Feet apart, giving a balanced and stable base for lifting (unsuitable footwear make this difficult). Leaning leg as far forward as is comfortable


When lifting from a low level, bend the knees. But do not kneel or over flex the knees. Keep the back straight (tucking in the chin helps) lean forward a little over the load if necessary to get a good grip. Keep the shoulders level and facing the same direction if the hips.


Try to keep the arms within the boundary formed by the legs. The best position and type of grip depends on the circumstances and individual preference but it must be secure. A hook grip is less tiring than trying to keep the fingers straight. If you need to vary the grip as the lift proceeds, do it as smoothly as possible.


Keep the load close to the truck for as long as possible. Keep the heaviest side of the load next to the trunk. If a close approach to the load is not possible, slide it towards you before trying to lift. Don’t jerk - lift smoothly, keeping control of the load. Move the feet - Don’t twist the trunk when turning to the side.


If precise positioning of the load is necessary, put it down first, then slide into the desired position.

By Signing this document i agree that i have read and understood all of the above:

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I confirm that the information provided on this form and within my CV, if applicable is both truthful and accurate. I have omitted no facts that could affect my future employment. I understand that any engagement entered into is subject to documentary evidence of my right to work in the UK, verification of any professional qualifications and subject to satisfactory references. I expressly consent to any sensitive data, disclosed as part of my application, being used in connection with the search of work, subject to the relevant data protection legislation. We will use the information you provide us in accordance with our privacy policy. It is important to note that your information may be processed outside of the European Economic Area. I will inform Reactive Driving Recruitment immediately of any circumstances that may affect ,my application for work, such as changes to health, subsequent pending prosecutions or convictions.

Use this section to upload additional documentation: National insurance slip proof / Passport / Birth certificate etc.

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