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Finding the right recruitment partner can be a challenging task. You want to be sure you find the right fit. You want to be sure you choose a company that can serve the unique needs of your business.

But there’s more to it than finding out if they’re capable of supplying people to drive vehicles and how much their services cost. It’s about whether you share common values. And basic human respect and integrity. You need to find a recruitment partner who cares as much about your business as you do.

What good is a business to its clients if there’s no trust and reliability, integrity or accountability?

This guide can help you ask the right questions.

Questions that will help you find a strategic recruitment partner who can help drive success for your business.

If you’re a business owner or a hiring manager you’re no doubt pretty busy most of the time, if not all the time.

Choosing to outsource to a commercial driver recruitment agency means they can do the hard graft of finding the quality drivers your business needs.

This allows you to focus on your people and your core business – delivering products to your customers.

Agency drivers are by far your most flexible resource in addition to your full-time driver pool.

They can cover a number of different scenarios without long-term commitments giving you increased agility and competitive advantage.

By using an agency, you will…

  • Avoid the cost of an inflated permanent driver pool (excessive paid idle time in quiet periods)
  • Make straight cost savings or prevent unforeseen costs (e.g. late delivery fees & penalties)
  • Gain direct competitive advantage through additional flexibility & agility
  • Gain strategic competitive advantage with an improved reputation & the capability to provide a superior service to your clients
  • Mitigate risk – you’ll have the flexibility to downsize at short notice and at zero cost

Ready to start looking for the right recruitment agency?

Here are the top 5 Awkward Questions you should ask before hiring them.

Question 1

Does my agency understand this business?

What do you know about my business and my distribution operations?

When you’re looking to hire drivers to deliver to your customers, you need the security of knowing the agency is a specialist in your field with exceptional knowledge of your sector and a proven track record.


  • What’s their process to make sure they truly understand your business and your talent needs?
  • Do they understand the vehicle types and loading systems you deploy?
  • Do they specialise in driving and understand the nature of your work?
  • Do they understand the quality of driver required to successfully deliver to your clients?
  • Are they able to place drivers who will be good representatives of your organisation?

Question 2

Will I get quality drivers when I need them?

Are you capable of delivering what I need?

The bottom line is that you need an agency you can trust to deliver.

To be able to provide the most responsive and best informed service you will want an agency that understands your local geography and competitive landscape.

Do they have the infrastructure to be able to adapt and be flexible? To be responsive to your changing needs?


  • Do they have a pool of qualified drivers when you need them?
  • Do they have multiple complementary recruitment channels to efficiently source suitable drivers?
  • Do they have a robust & responsive multi-layered 24/7/365 support capability staffed by team members who understand my needs; know the drivers and understand the local area?
  • Do they have the processes & systems to support compliant, accurate & efficient service delivery?
  • Do they have a multi-branch network with the ability to share knowledge & move drivers between branches?

Question 3

Will I receive a top-class, compliant service?

How hot are you on compliance?

Recruitment agencies are tightly regulated and have to comply with a series of statutory rules and professional code of ethics. Asking any potential recruitment partner about their compliance is basic due diligence.

But you can’t just take the agency’s word that they are compliant, they should have proved their credentials by passing audits to achieve relevant accreditations.

There are three areas of compliance:

  • Haulage sector specialist compliance (tachograph & working time regulations)
  • Payroll and tax compliance
  • Recruitment regulation compliance

Not all recruitment agencies are created equal. Ask if they can demonstrate they work by the statements they make? And the aspirations they state?

How are they building the competencies with their business, Within their people and within the workers and drivers they place into assignments?

It’s about making sure those standards are as high as possible.

Look for the agency who has gone the extra mile to achieve gold-standard accreditations.

Question 4

How will my agency deliver exceptional value for my business?

How do you see your company partnering with ours?

An agency should always be willing to discuss how they will apply themselves to work with you, now and in the future.

  • Will they help you to improve how you work and how you deliver to your customers?
  • Will they add strategic value and partner with you to help you grow and develop your business?
  • Are they able to integrate at the levels you’d like them to? Such as with your Transport Team, HR Department, your compliance team and more.
  • Are they available 24/7 365 days a year to work alongside your Transport Team, responding to your needs in “real-time”? Will they work dynamically with your team, applying their experience and ingenuity to find solutions to tricky problems?

Any partnership is built on trust. It takes courage and integrity to tell you the hard truth even when you may not want to hear it. Say, for example, they have a service fault. Are they the kind of partner who will tell you from the outset so you have time to find an alternative solution?

Question 5

Can I trust my agency to deliver on its promises?

What makes you different?

You can tell a lot about the culture of a company by asking about their values. Asking this question gives the agency an opportunity to explain what their organisation believes in, what’s important to them, and why they’re in business.

We’re not talking vague aspirations and ambiguous objectives. You don’t have the time or energy to connect with superficial, jargonfilled statements. You need to hear something authentic to reassure you.

  • What are their values and what’s important to them?
  • Do they have a track record of delivering with integrity and have a passion for the work they do?
  • Are they responsive and professional? Do they treat their staff & drivers with respect?

Distribution is a tough and demanding business.

One in which, historically, drivers have been treated as a commodity.

It’s not enough for the agency to tell you that they’re different. The agency needs to show you what makes them unique.

Choosing a recruitment partner for your business is one of the most important decisions you can make. Get it wrong and it could mean damage to your company’s reputation, loss of business and an increase of costs to name but a few.

And of course, value for money is important. But we’re really talking about value for margin.

Getting it right can give you increased agility as well as a competitive advantage.

It’s hard to get to the truth about what sort of service you will receive once the sale is closed.

Your best approach is to ask for testimonials or references; speak to their customers and drivers, get it straight from the horse’s mouth!

Getting it right can give you increased agility as well as a competitive advantage.

It’s hard to get to the truth about what sort of service you will receive once the sale is closed.

Your best approach is to ask for testimonials or references; speak to their customers and drivers, get it straight from the horse’s mouth!

We know how important it is to get the right drivers in your vehicles.

Let us make it easy for you.

Call us today and let us answer those 5 Awkward Questions.

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